Our Needs


Our biggest need is more financing. Below is a list of things that we need in order to provide help to more people. Any financial donations are truly appreciated.

  • We Desperately need a new ministry truck, which cost around $45,000.
  • Being able to feed at least 1,000 people per outreach.
  • 2 big bounce houses for children (children love them and the parents are grateful it is free).
  • Storage unit or storage shed on our property (to store all our equipment).
  • $1,000 every 6 months for insurance on our ministry truck.
  • Gas for our generators and ministry truck.

Ultimately for us to bring help and hope to more people we need more financing.  Our goal is to bring in $5,000 a month. This will allow us to provide more help to a greater amount of people.


Volunteers are always welcome and needed for various jobs such as:

1. Serving Ice-Cream
2. Overseeing and supervising the Jump House
3. Cooking
4. Setting up
5. Cleaning up
6. Helping to form the food line and ice-cream line
7. There are many different types of needs depending on what we are doing – please let us know how you would like to volunteer


if you would like to use your gift, skill or talent, please let us know. We welcome all to join us. We love to work together with other ministries and organizations. Contact us now by clicking here.

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